Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's "Where am I Wednesday"!

A glacial valley with rock walls towering thousands of feet above. Waterfalls a thousand feet high. One of John Muir's favorite places.
Challenging cliffs for rock climbers.

So many waterfalls that some are unnamed.

So, where did I spend a good part of my day yesterday?


Chasmanian Devil said...

Kings Canyon.

Callan Bentley said...

Hetch Hetchy?

SciGuy315 said...

Doesn't quite seem to be the volume of water we saw there in April. But at least the gates are open until after 8pm these days.

Gaelyn said...

You made it to Yosemite.

Edie Howe said...

*bounces up and down, waving hand wildly*

Ooh! ooh! I know! I know! Pick me, teach, pick *me!*


That's Tu-e-e-u-la-la falls, in Hetch Hetchy!

"Dam Hetch-hetchy?"

And just because I can, Eyjafjallajökull! *smug look*

BTW, I spoke with Karen Powers, a geologist ranger here in Yosemite today, she told me that the table mountain on highway 41 is an "inverted valley", comprised of volcanic basalt. The surrounding mountains eroded away in the long-ago-time.

Unknown said...

I'm goin' with Hetch Hetchy too - the flooded second Yosemite Valley that needs to be drained so it can heel for the next 100 yrs.