Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Numbers Do You Find Irresistible?

Well, lets see...the lawns need to be mowed, I'm supposed to be writing a grant proposal, I'm supposed to be redesigning my department web page (to be unveiled before long), the garage needs to be cleaned and reorganized, my achilles heel that I hurt three weeks ago is hurting again today, meaning staying off my feet...so many choices of what I should be doing today.

6400 cfs

6510 cfs

2270 cfs

These are my irresistible numbers. CFS refers to cubic feet per second, which are the units of discharge, the amount of water in a river passing a given point in one second. The first number above is the discharge of the Merced River in Yosemite Valley as of 8:00 AM this morning. The second number is the record discharge rate for the Merced River ever on this date. The third number is the normal discharge for the Merced on this date. Oh, and they opened up Glacier Point last week.

Well, heck. The lawns, the garage, the grant, the website will all be there when I get back...


Deb said...

... and so will the painful Achilles tendon, but more so! Remember to ice it down later cuz I know you are not going to resist those numbers.

Gaelyn said...

How about Colorado River at 30,000 cfs versus pre-dam at 85,000 cfs plus.
All the other stuff can wait for sure.