Sunday, June 13, 2010

BP and BS...Stuff from All Over

The Washington Post gets it right...gas is very...expensive (via Twitter at @clasticdetritus). There is a lot of blood mixed in with the oil we consume. The apology needs to come from us.

A bit of anger from Rant Hour...How good are Tony Hayward's predictions and proclamations? Remember Bagdad Bob ("the Saddam spokesman who coalition forces would never take the capital even as American tanks were visible a few thousand yards from where BB stood")?

A 1962 ad for Humble Oil from Al's Journal, via Huffington Post. Humble Oil became Exxon in the 1970's. Big Oil definitely isn't humble any more...

And, BP continues to block media access to the devastated beaches with the help of the local and federal government...

Gasoline and petroleum are not our only energy related problems...those gas-saving lithium ion batteries in hybrid car also have a problem with resource availability. Lithium has to be mined too.

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