Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Geologist drop Two Places, Teachers up Eleven: New Best Careers List Out

The Best and Worst Jobs for 2010 have been posted. Science areas do pretty well (again), although mathematician dropped from its lofty perch of #1 to #6. Biologist, Meteorologist, Astronomer, Physicist, Anthropologist, and Archaeologist all crack the top 50. Geologists dropped two places to #32 and Teachers rose eleven spots to #116.

I talked about how I have the best job in the world last year.

Thanks to Zeo at Rant Hour for the picture of a typical teacher day...

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SciGuy315 said...

Glad to see we teacher-folk snuck-in between (115)Office Machine Repair person & (117)Sewage Operator. Might explain why I've felt like an automaton increasingly mucking more state-mandated crap, though.