Friday, March 12, 2010

A Friday Cat Blog...and "2012" again

It's a Friday! I've been grading midterms and lab reports non-stop for two weeks. I am geologized out for an evening. I'm heading up into the Mother Lode tomorrow with my students for an exploration of the gold rush mines and ghost towns, but tonight, it's a Friday Cat Blog. That's our ferocious cat Zoe either yawning, or dreaming about eating us.

By the way, for recreation tonight, I am once again enjoying the mayhem and total geologic destruction of the earth in the movie "2012". Why wasn't Woody Harrelson nominated at the Oscars for the best geologic movie death ever?

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Geotripper.

1 comment:

yosemite faith said...

zoe deserves the photo and a day a week to honor her.