Monday, February 1, 2010

NSF Geophysicists Blogging from Haiti

I'm channeling Lee at Arizona Geology, but not all of our readers overlap, I'm sure. A team of NSF geophysicists is on the ground in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, doing some research on ground movements related to the horrific earthquake a few weeks ago. They are also blogging about their experience, and a quick look shows they are describing life on the ground for the Haiti community in the aftermath of the quake as much as they describe the GPS work they are doing. The pictures are both hopeful and heartbreaking. Check it out! And give; we can't forget Haiti just because it isn't in the headlines anymore.

UPDATE: Well worth a read; an American survivor of the earthquake writes about the country she grew to love, and the acts of bravery and kindness she witnessed after being trapped in the rubble. Haiti should not be forgotten; help them, not just by giving food for a day, but by helping them rebuild their country.

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