Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Other California: Be a Geotripper Geoblogger for a Day!

Mt. Shasta from the summit of Little Mt. Hoffman on the Medicine Lake Highland

Your host in the exploration of the Other California has been to a lot of places, but he hasn't been everywhere, and he didn't have a decent camera for most of his life, so he knows that he has overlooked some absolutely fantastic localities in this incredibly diverse state. A number of you have suggested some places that should be included, and I'm all for adding some more, but I need your help (I'm talking to you Forest and Kurt, and other commenters)!

Be a Geotripper Geoblogger! Write up a short narrative about your favorite place, include a few nice pictures, and be featured here! Be seen by dozens of readers! For the time being, I am interested in the Klamath Mountains, the Cascades and Modoc Plateau (other provinces will be featured later). If you've got material on Ahjumawi Lava Springs, the Thousand Lakes Wilderness, or the Warner Mountains, I would love to hear from you (I've always been curious about them), but any interesting place is worthy!

If you would like to submit something, send the text and jpg photos to hayesg (at), and I will put your submission through a harrowing vetting process with rigorous peer review, and will probably publish it about three minutes after it arrives. Of course you will receive full recognition and credit, and I will pay you exactly as much as I earn from blogging ($0.00 per hour, per day, and per week).

I look forward to seeing and featuring your favorite places!

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Gaelyn said...

What a great idea Garry. The only places I could add are Shasta Caverns and Joshua Tree NP.