Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ten Worst Corporations for Women to Work For: Why Should Earth Scientists Care?

The first time I saw any data about women in the geological sciences was a long time ago, but a brochure dating from the 1960's pointed out that only 2% of geologists were women (no link; this is from an old memory), and by 1989, that number was 10% (although 40% of majors at that time were female). Back then (way back then), I heard explanations that the oilfields were no place for women geologists. Not a great excuse, really, so one would hope the situation has changed for the better. Well some, maybe. There are still lots of problems. A good review of the current situation in geoscience academia, for instance, can be found on the Association for Women Geoscientists website.

I bring up the subject because of a totally unrelated business article I ran across. What does it say when a report on the 10 worst places for women to work has four energy-related companies?

Quoted from the report....
6. EOG Resources (EOG) is an oil and natural gas company with 2,100 employees and a $23 billion market cap, which makes it one of the most valuable firms in its sector. The head of human resources and administration and the head of accounting are women.

7. Cameron International (CAM) provides equipment for the national gas and oil industries. The company has 17,000 employees, eight board members, no women in positions of major responsibility. Seven senior executives are listed in the proxy–all male. Also, all board members but one are over 60–a sort of reverse age discrimination.

8. National Oilwell Varco (NOV) is an oilfield services company which provides mechanical components for oil and gas drilling projects. About 40,000 employees. Eight directors, none of which are women.

10. XTO Energy (XTO) has 3,100 employees and a market cap of $27 billion. The firm prides itself on its ability to find and import oil and natural gas. Apparently, they aren’t quite as concerned about scavenging for corporate gender diversity.
Are you interested in opportunities and challenges as a woman in the geosciences? Check out the Association for Women Geoscientists.
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