Monday, December 20, 2010

2010, The Year of Traveling Dangerously (The Postscript)

Lessee....after reading of the travel travails of my many geoblogging and tweeting geologists during the AGU meeting last week, after blogging repeatedly about the threats and hazards of living underneath very high and steep mountains in Southern California, and after making a modest attempt at humor about "traveling dangerously", guess who's leaving today on a journey through the Central Valley and Mojave Desert? They've had more than 7 inches of rain in a few places in SoCal in the biggest storm series to hit the state in at least 5 years (and possibly more than that). The conditions are reminiscent of some of our most famous flood years, like 1969 or 1938. I will keep my camera handy if anything interesting happens!

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Gaelyn said...

Be careful out there but take pictures. You do seem to get lucky and be at the wrong/right place at the.... well you know.