Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Geo-Picture-a Day-Week: Grand Canyon National Park

It's finals week for me, and instead of avoiding blogging altogether, Evelyn at Georneys had a fine idea: A geo-picture a day. It's day three, Wednesday, and our subject of the day is one of America's crown jewels. It is immediately recognizable to most people: Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

There is no place like the Grand Canyon. It is such an intricate and precious piece of earth art that I never get tired of the view, and I cherish every chance to visit, every opportunity to hike in its depths. So much geology is laid bare in this place: the rocks exposed in the canyon walls, the existence of the canyon itself, the myriad caverns that grace some of the limestone layers. It's a virtual candy store for geologists.


Karen said...

I love your picture-a-day scheme! Gives me something to think about as I incorporate "fixes" for the "errors" (that no one in the field would recognize as such) that Graduate Studies has found in my MS geology thesis. Easier to fix than argue. Readers who understand the science will cope.

Gaelyn said...

Ah....a familiar view. Looks like you were hiking the Transept Trail.