Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Extraordinary Times in Death Valley National Park

There will be plenty more coming up, but here is just a taste of what it is like in Death Valley National Park right now. The pattern and amount of rainfall in the park has been a "perfect storm(s)" to bring about an astounding wildflower show. We spent last weekend in the park, and although the flowers were incredible, the green sprouts suggests there will be much, much more in coming weeks. I haven't seen a flower show like this since I began blogging in 2008. In 28 years of February visits, I recall only 2005 and 1998 being comparable for early blooms. I'm looking forward to sharing more (plus some geology too!) in coming posts once I've had time to unpack and relax a bit.

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Shane Hedberg said...

Great shots. Death Valley may be my favorite place I've ever visited. It's not my home but I'm beginning to feel homesick.