Sunday, November 2, 2014

How it Was Today: Sunset at the Gateway in Yosemite

So, yesterday was work. I simply had to take those students to Yosemite Valley, let them get cold, experience nature and all, and learn stuff. Someone needs to do it. Today, I knew I needed to go back. There were just too many times that I wanted to stop the bus, jump out and snap a few pictures. Mrs. Geotripper and I headed back into the mountains today to see what remained to be discovered out there.
There was a lot, and there are pictures for several posts. Tonight it will be just a few shots of the sunset. We were at a pullout were we could see the "Gateway", the narrow western part of the valley where El Capitan and the Cathedral Rocks jut out, forming a narrow cliff-lined passageway into the main valley floor. The sun had disappeared from the cliffs, but was still glowing in the clouds above.

I love this time of year. The Merced River is at its lowest ebb, and the pools reflect like mirrors. The sky was washed clean by yesterday's storm. The scene was peaceful and uncrowded, and beckoned us to stay just a bit longer.

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biobabbler said...

SO beautiful. Great shots. Looking forward to the others. It's been so nice to have cool weather & lots of variable clouds. =)