Monday, January 6, 2014

The Finest Science Center in the Great Valley Needs a Museum Director

If you follow this blog at all (and many thanks if you do!) then you know that we recently occupied what I think may be the finest teaching facility of its kind in the Great Valley of California, and maybe in the entire state. The Science Community Center at Modesto Junior College is a monument to the importance of science education, with state-of-the-art labs and classrooms for biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, and the earth sciences, as well as a fully equipped observatory, and the most technically advanced planetarium projector in the United States (seriously, it's the newest generation, and we were the first to have it installed). And very soon we will open the Great Valley Museum and Outdoor Education Laboratory. The museum will have exhibits emphasizing the unique biology, paleontology and geology of the Great Valley, and will include the unique teaching tool called Science on a Sphere.

And we need a museum director.

The position announcement was posted this morning, and can be found here: If you are a talented person who knows and loves science, but can also navigate the depths and passages of a college and state bureaucracy as well as excelling at fundraising, you may be the person we need to lead our school and our valley into a new era of science excellence. Contact me or the Human Resources office at Yosemite Community College District if you have questions.

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Karen said...

Good luck in your search for museum director. It takes a special kind of person for that job. I am sooo impressed by what you've written about the science center, and it pleases me no end that it's located in the heart of California's neglected Great Valley.