Monday, January 28, 2008

Picture of the Day - The Airliner Chronicles Part 9

Today's picture is a "twofur", taken out the plane window while in the vicinity of Baffin Island in Canada. It was late July of 2007. The strange patterns on the ocean surface are clearly ice floes from the summer breakup of the pack ice that forms every year in this region. From 34,000 feet, it is difficult to get a sense of the size of the individual floes, so I have added a second picture with a wider view showing some of the islands in the near vicinity. I would have to guess that the floes are a few tens of meters across.

So much of the world lies undiscovered and unexplored. How many people have ever wandered through this region? Not that it would be easy in any sense of the word! Still, how many fossils remain to be found in these rocks? How many missing bits of geologic history?

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