Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Extraordinary Picture (at least for us Central Valley denizens)

No, not mine (I wish...). This was taken by Tony Immoos following a discussion on the Yosemite Blog (here and here) about whether Half Dome in Yosemite could be seen from points in the Central Valley. Follow this link (please!) for an explanation of how and where he got this photograph. The picture also includes a portion of El Capitan, Sentinel Dome, and Clouds Rest.

Living in the Central Valley is an exercise in frustration sometimes. One knows that there are spectacular mountains out there, only a few miles away, but it is a rare day that we see them, and few (even among long-time residents) realize that some of the iconic cliffs and peaks of Yosemite Valley are actually visible from the floor of our valley. Far too often it is dust and smog that obscures the view.
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