Thursday, October 9, 2014

Modesto Area Friends: Wild Planet Day at West Campus, MJC on October 11!

What a great way to begin Earth Science Week! For those of you within driving distance of Modesto Junior College, may I encourage you to check out our celebration of science this coming weekend! The event is a fundraiser for our soon-to-open Great Valley Museum, which is destined to be the go-to place for learning about the rather incredible natural science of our gigantic Central Valley. The Planetarium is already up and running, and shows will be going on during the day. Come early to get tickets, because they tend to go fast.

Geotripper and the members of the MJC Geology Club will be upstairs in the lab doing activities with the kids. If you make it to Wild Planet Day, don't forget to climb on up to the third floor and pay us a visit! The club members will also be grilling Bronto-burgers and Raptor-dogs in the quad outside. Don't bring lunch, we got that for you!

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