Thursday, September 29, 2011

And Then the Ground Opens Up and Swallows You....A Quiz and Invitation

A modest little quiz....

True or False?
  • California is going to fall into the Pacific Ocean
  • The San Andreas fault causes all California earthquakes
  • California has more earthquakes and bigger earthquakes than anywhere else
  • Psychics and animals predict earthquakes
  • The ground opens up and swallows people during earthquakes
  • We in California are waiting for the "BIG ONE"
Want to find out the answers? Geotripper is giving a public presentation at Modesto Junior College this friday on the things we "know" about earthquakes. For those who live outside the region, give yourself the quiz, and I will blog some answers over the weekend. One or two answers might surprise you!

And yes, my students, I will give you extra credit if you take notes!
Comic art provided by Zeo (THANKS!)
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