Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We Should Be Better Than This...

I knew that when they fell behind they would stoop into the gutter, but I am saddened and ashamed that they would release the dogs of racism and hate:

I don’t think it's much of a stretch to say at this point that the campaign of John McCain---once touted as being oh-so-honorable by the Very Serious People who enjoyed his barbeque wings and fluffy cushions on the "Straight Talk Express"---is now one of terror. When shouts of "treason!" and "kill him!" and "terrorist!" and "N*gger---sit down, boy!" are allowed to go unchallenged right in front of the Republican candidates' noses---just feet away from their lecterns---it's pretty clear that the thugs are in charge. What's worse, there's absolutely no way McCain can stop it, now that he's given them tacit permission to go postal. All of his ethics scandals and health issues don’t mean a hill of maverick turds anymore compared to what he has just implicitly green-lighted: namely, pitting American citizen against American citizen through race-baiting and threats of physical harm. His children must be so proud---especially the black one.

John McCain was once the recipient of this kind of race-baiting; George Bush did it to him in 2000 in South Carolina, and McCain lost as a result. Now, in 2008 he has hired the consultants that organized that campaign for Bush. It is worse than shameful.

I pray that my country is better than this. We've got challenges the likes of which we've never faced before, in energy, in global climate, in housing, in the economic meltdown, and we should choose our candidates on the basis of their ideas, not because they can better assassinate the character of their opponents.


Anonymous said...

To me, this is incredibly scary ... that they are whipping their supporters into this hate-frenzy is horrific. Perhaps it's only a few people and they don't have control over what people shout, but they aren't discouraging it ... they stand there and smile. It's dispicable.

If they continue with this, the Republican party could completely crumble ... leaders in their party need to step up now and denounce this.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a emotionally immature and willfully ignorant segment of our populace "entertain" themselves by viewing and listening to the mean spirited and divisive right wing purveyors of hate and lies that have arisen to such prominance in the last 30 years.

It started with the Reagan "revolution" and has become a big part of the self-destructive forces that have divided our nation into a "us vs them mindset.

We will not survive as a workable society if this type of polarization continues.

Anonymous said...

Just you wait for 2020! It's not great.