Monday, June 9, 2008

An Alternate View of Upper Yosemite Falls

If you haven't been to Yosemite Valley in a few years, you may be startled by some of the changes. The bus and auto parking lot at Lower Yosemite Falls has been removed, and the site is being returned to nature. A network of paved trails offer some new and spectacular views of the Upper and Lower falls, including this one from last week. The falls were full and were being blown about by high winds.

Yosemite is a beautiful place. Don't let the crowds scare you away; a midweek visit is not so bad, and a short hike in any direction will often generate some solitude.

Posts will be sporadic for a few weeks; like many of the other posters in the geoblogosphere, it is field season, and I will soon be on the road to the Colorado Plateau. If you REALLY miss my posts, check out the new geoblogosphere roster by Chris at Highly Allochthonous to find some great alternatives. The field is growing fast!

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Silver Fox said...

That's a stunning view of the falls.

We'll all have to get satellite uplinks or something, now that we're in such demand!

Maybe we could have a "southwest" meeting of the GeoBlogoshpere this summer sometime; a few of us aren't too far from the CO Plateau, depending on where.