Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Geoblogosphere Gets Some Press!

Kudos to the ground-breakers and trail blazers of the geoblogosphere for getting recognition in the dead-tree press: the AAPG Explorer and Geotimes (thanks Chris for the links)! Some of you worked for several years in relative obscurity in a corner of blogworld, but now that world has expanded.

I think what I really like about the geoblogosphere is the fact that you have broken a certain stereotype of bloggers in general, especially in the political world: a bunch of pale dudes who never go outside, living in their parent's basement with bags of Cheetos scattered about. It is a delight to see everyday life from a geologist's perspective in far-flung parts of the world such as South Africa, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, and many of my favorite places closer to my corner of the world, including the Colorado Plateau country, the Basin and Range and California (here, here, and here). And with Tuff Cookie's, Callan's and Ron's help, I am learning a great deal about the mid and eastern United States, where I have spent far less time. There are many more great sites, and I always wake up looking forward to seeing the latest news in the geo-world. One more site I would suggest is http://hfaroundtheworldin180days.blogspot.com/. See what happens when a geologist spends six months traveling the world...

Great job to all! There are still some blank spots on the geoblogosphere world...I would like to see some more of you starting and maintaining blogs on the earth sciences. And the puns. I love the geology puns. Keep them coming!


Silver Fox said...

A great summary of the geoblogosphere, I think -thanks!

Mathias said...

Indeed a great summary! Also I have to admit that it can be a wonderful waste of time browsing all the nice blogs with their often great content.