Friday, February 8, 2008

Dinosaur National Monument getting the shaft?

A few days ago, I pointed out the potential role of the geoblogosphere as an avenue for disseminating information to as many people as possible on issues related to geology and politics. I came across this post from Dinochick Blogs, Help save Paleontology at Dinosaur National Monument that seems to fit the bill. It seems that our national parks are the adopted step-children of our federal government, and they seem to appear first on the chopping block when budgets have to be cut. There is an active community of paleontology bloggers who I am sure will get involved with this, but for my part, Dinosaur National Monument is an excellent field trip destination for many reasons, not just a display of dinosaur bones on a cliff (and even the building housing that display has been allowed to languish to the point of condemnation).

Check it out and be heard on this!

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