Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Blogging: Cats and Curriculum Updates

You can tell when I have curriculum updates to complete. I can't complete a sentence that doesn't include "analyze", "classify", "assess", and other related terms. My normal conversation changes: "Look honey, we have bills, junkmail and postcards in the mail today. I am going to assess their relative merits, classifying and prioritizing each of them according economic importance, with an outcome that may include discarding, ignoring, or saving." Or to the dog, I might say "Angel, do you want to conduct a kinetic exercise, so as to observe and analyze recent visitors on our block using visual, auditory and olfactory evidence?"

And I can't blog worth a darn...but here is a nice picture of a cat that we miss (not in the bad way; she moved out along with her "parents" headed to grad school).
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