Friday, November 7, 2008

Domestic Mammals in the Field?

The question of the day concerns animals in the field...catch posts here and here. I was immediately reminded of a long-running discussion between my son and I about cows and whether cows are planning to take us over as the dominant species on the planet (recall the dolphins and mice of Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe). Some people think our country will be taken over by black helicopters; my son is more convinced it will be black cows.

I have disagreed in the past. I felt large roosters were the true threat. I especially think of one I met at Pipe Springs National Monument that I named Tyrannosaurus pecks (no pictures though, I was running away). The wounds were painful...

During an exploration of some wild caves in the Sierra Nevada foothills, I found my assumptions about chickens to be wrong. Rounding a corner, we were faced with a vanguard of the coming invasion...I had the same feeling that King Arthur must have experienced when he met the Knights Who Say Nit (Monty Python's Holy Grail), or maybe the white rabbit.

Seriously though, there are some great caves in our neck of the wood. I have a smattering of photos posted here. One of our Sierra caves (Lilburn in Kings Canyon National Park) has something like 17 miles of passageways. Info on caves of Sequoia and Kings Canyon can be found here.
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