Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Professor Incognito is back!

Professor Incognito is back, courtesy of by Zeo. I have no idea where she gets these ideas or who this Professor Incognito might be. I understand from an insider that the student SLAK is a composite person, Student Lacking A Klue, and that the test score (actually, scores) is genuine. I have a lot of good students in my classes this year, driven into academia by the recession, and hoping to better their lives and working hard for it. As such, I find it hard to understand people who are lucky enough to get into a class with a giant wait list, and then completely blow off the first assignments. It's true they often disappear from the class within a few weeks, but other times you get this...

By the way, happy Collect Rocks Day! Go out and add something to the rockpile!

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Gaelyn said...

Some students can hard to figure out. Thanks for the heads up to collect rocks today. Like a needed an excuse.