Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nice Media Catch: The Ahwiyah Slide

The largest rockfall in Yosemite Valley in two decades thundered off Ahwiyah Point in late March of this year, setting off seismometers in Berkeley, which recorded a magnitude 2.4 quake from the impact. I posted a number of pictures and descriptions at the time. Now the Modesto (and Fresno) Bee has run a front page article detailing some of the research being done on the slide by Berkeley graduate student Valerie Zimmer (details here).

It's great to see some good geology on the cover of the local news, especially when they get the general details right.

This note was also posted at the other blog I run for the National Association of Geoscience Teachers. We have some great geology field guides for the California-Nevada region you might want to check out, including a geologic tour of Yosemite Valley. Part of the Yosemite tour is posted at http://virtual.yosemite.cc.ca.us/ghayes/roadside.htm.

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