Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brad Paisley, A True "Rock" Artist?

Caught a hilarious spot on Prairie Home Companion last weekend. Did you know that Brad Paisley, famous country singer, would rather be a rock star? And I mean a rock star; he wants to sing songs of geology. Guy Noir, private eye, is brought in to bring him back from the brink...

The script and MP3/Real Audio can be seen here:

Here's a bit....

BP: This is a volcanic hot spot in Hawaii. It’s for a TV special I’m writing a soundtrack for. I just can’t explain how the sight of red hot lava bubbling up from the ground — I just find it moving— the earth reforming itself.....continents shifting......earthquakes......I want to learn more and more about geology— have you ever read John McPhee’s book, Rising From The Plains?

GK: Yes, I’ve been reading it for ten years every night just before I fall asleep.

BP: I just find the science of geology so fulfilling— I don’t want to sing about love anymore. I want to sing about the earth.

And a little ditty from "Al Gore":
Let other people hang out in bars.
I lie on the rocks and look up at the stars.

(I thought we geologists did both....)

Kudos to Prairie Home Companion!

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