Saturday, April 11, 2009

Introducing Professor Incognito!

For my teaching colleagues, I introduce Professor Incognito, who says all the things you want to say, but is not constrained by any sense of politeness or decorum. Incognito is brought to you courtesy of Zeo at the Rant Hour, who in my opinion is one of the sharpest online comic artists and social critics out there (but who is rated kind of a PG to R for language and adult situations). I can't imagine who Zeo used as an inspiration; I almost never say things like this myself......


Gaelyn said...

LOL! This is great. I'd like to see a Park Ranger cartoon like this.
Thanks for sharing.

Vadrosaul said...

I myself am a Phys Geo student, and among classmates I can see the full range of effort taken by different students. I see wide divergence within the same sexes and the same age groups.

All that considered, there is something to be said about showing a concerted effort, even if a student has a hard time grasping the subject material. The vast majority of teachers warm up to visible interest & general excitement shown from pupils.

Of course I am one to talk, as even though I show enthusiasm for all the Geo classes I take, I peter out for the Math & English electives ^_^