Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lenticular Clouds on Mt. Rainier Today

Travel days aren't the best for carefully planned photography. The framing and staging that go into wonderful shots go out the window, because the pictures are being taken literally out the window of a moving car. We needed to cover nearly 400 miles from Seattle to the central Oregon coast today, with the minimum possible number of stops.

Somehow, Mrs. Geotripper was able to snap a wonderful shot of lenticular clouds forming on and around Mt. Rainier as we raced down Highway 167 somewhere around Kent. She was able to avoid having my nose in the picture! There was a storm system moving in, and humid air was being forced up and over the 14,409 foot high volcano. The rising air condensed into the unusual looking lens-shaped clouds. Rainier is well known for the effect, but we aren't up that way very often, so it was quite the thing for us to see.

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