Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wilderness Bill Passes!

I hear word that the Omnibus Wilderness Bill has finally passed Congress. It will protect some incredible areas totaling around 2 million acres in nine states, including some of my favorite places in California. These include Redwood Canyon in Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park, which includes a huge Sequoia tree grove, and the largest cavern in California: Lilburn Cave, which has something like fourteen miles of passageways (someone can correct me on the details). It also provides permanent protection for White Mountain Peak and the Ancient Bristlecone Forest (the world's oldest trees) in the mountains east of the Sierra Nevada, and for desert wilderness in Riverside (San Jacinto Mountains and Cahuilla Mountain) and Los Angeles County (northern San Gabriel Mountains).

These bills were bipartisan efforts, but were held up for years by a handful of senators and representatives. I am so gratified to see these precious lands receive the protection they deserve.

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Gaelyn said...

This is marvelous news. Just took a new administration.