Friday, July 15, 2011

Aliens, Area 51, and UFOs!

More distractions from my current road trip...

We crossed a very lonely stretch of highway in Nevada, Highway 6, which traverses the empty barren lands between Tonopah and Ely. It runs a bit north of Area 51, Rachel, and the Alien Highway, but we caught our own alien adventure after a few hours of white line fever. It started with the dust clouds in the far distance. What force could possibly be lifting that dust so high in the air? It just didn't look...normal.

And then, we saw it. It was hard to photograph, being so far away, but we worked with the zoom to get the most plausible was the alien mothership! It was either making the dust cloud as it rose, or it was producing the dust cloud to hide itself, but we were too observant for that!
Now, I know there are skeptics out there who will insist on this myth of dust storms and mirages, but really, who are you gonna believe? A hallucinating tired driver, or those egghead scientists who think they know everything? It's clearly easier to believe in aliens, isn't it?
The horses knew...

*Disclaimer: I just know someone is going to read this and take it seriously. Don't. I'm just having some fun. The pictures are courtesy of Mrs. Geotripper.
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