Monday, January 19, 2009

Watch out for the Green Flash!

A few weeks ago, I stirred things up in the geoblogosphere with the 100 things a geologists should do meme, and number 100 on the list was to see the "green flash", a hard-to-see last-moment-of-the-sunset phenomenom that I have yet to witness, despite numerous attempts. One of my colleagues, Joel Hagen, caught the moment the other night and was kind enough to share with me, and also grant permission to post his photo of the event (please respect the copyright, check with me for contact information if you want to use the photo in some way).

More info on the green flash phenomena can be found here...

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Silver Fox said...

Alright! Never knew anyone who actually got a photo of that, though I have seen photos. I'm wondering, how do you take a photo and see it at the same time - I guess quickly!