Monday, November 1, 2010

"There is No Reason For Optimism"

The age of oil is ending. "Can the political order face up to the challenge? There is no reason for optimism." I don't usually do a lot of politics in this blog, but regarding the elections tomorrow, think about who might represent you, and who represents Big Oil ("drill, baby, drill"). Oil is running out worldwide. We cannot drill ourselves out of our energy problems, and in fact we have maybe at best a five year supply in our own country if we stopped importing oil today. We need tough politicians to represent us; not Republican lies or Democrat timidity. And we need a crash program to develop alternative energy sources. We need a vision for clean energy, because without one, we might end up fighting wars over petroleum resources in places like the Middle East. Oh...wait a minute...

We are represented by cowards on the one hand and dangerously ignorant fools on the other. And I fear tomorrow's elections will make things far, far worse. We need to be working hard for a common goal that will benefit all of us, not ignoring elephants in the room.
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