Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heading into Back of Beyond...

Edward Abbey talked about this wilderness as "Back of Beyond". It is the Colorado Plateau, one of the most beautiful landscapes on our planet, and one of the greatest places to learn geology, and in our case, anthropology and archaeology as well. I'm headed there in the morning with 30 geology and anthropology students. We'll be on the road for a bit more than two weeks.
I've been waiting all year for this moment. I have many favorite places in the world, but a huge number of them lie within the boundaries of this province. I'll be seeing some places I know fairly well, and a few places that I've never seen at all. Many of my students on this trip have never been out of California. I love my role as a teacher as they see this place for the first time.
Many awesome sights and wonders. I know that "awesome" has become overused, but the word truly fits in this place. Needless to say, blogging may be hit and miss. I'll try to post pics at the twitter account (@geotripper) and google plus (Garry Hayes) once in awhile too.

Take care, everyone!
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