Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Maybe Not So Hard Quiz...Where Are We?

We are in a national is perhaps the most geological park in the entire National Park System. The park contains rocks from every major era, ranging in age from as much as 2.3 billion years ago, including perhaps the most complete Paleozoic sequence of rocks found anywhere (something like 20,000 feet of Paleozoic rocks, including formations from each period), rocks from the Mesozoic (including plutonic granitic rocks), and a sequence of early Cenozoic sediments known for their mammalian fossils. The youngest rocks in the park may be only a few hundred years old.
The park includes gorges 3,000 feet deep that cross mountain ranges, and a waterfall (I know "waterfall" in a national park might seem not unusual, but it is unusual in this park). The relief of the park (the difference between the highest and lowest points) is more than 11,000 feet.
The park is so extensive and intricate, one could explore it for years and continue to find new treasures. So where are we? And what is giving away the answer?


Ron Schott said...

Though I have walked there I fear no evil. My rock hammer and my Jacob staff, they comfort me.

I can place each of the last three photos, though I have yet to visit the falls in person.

I'll not spoil it for everyone else, but I hope to visit that park again before the moon is full.

Hollis said...

Wherever it is, if it's that beautiful and magical (Ron) ... I need to go!

Hollis said...

Distant memories just surfaced ... I do know! and I've been to the park and canyon both, looking for spring wildflowers. But that was long ago and I need to go back, especially now that I'm more enlightened geologically.

Lockwood said...

Recognize 3rd spot, tho name escapes me. Last is Mosaic Canyon, second is one tight-ass canyon. And there's no doubt it's my favorite National Park.