Thursday, May 17, 2012

Name That Park! A Thursday Quiz

Many of you know that I love blogging because it takes me so many places, and I love talking about them. One thing I have tried to do is to get away from the best-known parks, or get to the lesser-known parts of the famous parks. I am on the final stages of a reconnaissance trip checking out the route of a proposed July 21-27 trip with the AAPG (although anyone is invited to join us). I came across some nice new localities, and I thought I would challenge some of my geography-expert readers to a bit of test. Name these parks and monuments! Some parks may be represented more than once. The parks are located on the Colorado Plateau. No prizes if you get them all, other than the realization that you must have an encyclopedia for a mind. A few clues are offered here and there....
1) The arch above is formed in the Entrada sandstone of Jurassic age.
2) The folks who manage the ruins above claim them to be the single most visited archaeological site in the United States.
3) The layers are topsy-turvy because they were trapped into a monocline
4)The rocks above may actually be parts of two or three parks.
5) What are those white cliffs in the distance?
6) Note that the high cliff on the right is the same rock as the lower cliff on the left, only offset. This park has its faults...
7) The spires could be called hoodoos, but they aren't, usually.
8) The unmistakable clue is the color of the road.
9) Basalt lava flows in a park not usually associated with volcanism.
10) A slot canyon carved into the Navajo Sandstone.

Happy hunting!
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