Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Great Valley Museum at Modesto Junior College has two Employment Opportunities

The Great Valley Museum at Modesto Junior College has existed for more than thirty years. The first three decades it occupied a 1940s-vintage building on our east campus that had just three display rooms. A decade ago our county voted for a bond issue that included the construction of a new Science Community Center that housed the science programs, but which also included a new museum space that was some five times larger than the old facility as well as a separate curation and storage building. It will also soon have an Outdoor Education Lab as well. The museum includes a world-class planetarium, a Foucault Pendulum, and a Science on a Sphere projection system.

Our museum serves thousands of students every year who are exposed to the natural history of the Great Valley, a virtually unknown concept to many of the kids who are not able to travel out of our region into the wildlife refuges and river parks that exist outside our city limits.

Does this sound like the kind of place you might like to work? The museum has two full-time positions available, a museum office technician, and a museum specialist. The closing date for applications for both positions ends on Thursday, June 28. Information and job descriptions for both positions can be found at and

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