Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Just a Beautiful Sunset, and Maybe a BIt of a Green Flash...

The gloom and the rain cleared out for our last night in Oregon, and we were treated to a gorgeous sunset. We had a clear horizon to the west, so as usual I tried to catch (maybe) a bit of the green flash.
The green flash is a somewhat rarely seen spectral phenomenon that occurs the moment the sun disappears below the horizon. Light from the sun is being refracted through the atmosphere, and at sunset the last of the spectral colors to appear is green (and sometimes blue). The effect only lasts for a second or two, so I'm never quite sure what I've seen. I just trust the camera to catch the effect, to varying success
My previous try was more convincing, but I see a bit of green in the picture below. You're welcome to tell me what you think!

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