Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How it Was: Sunset in Yosemite Valley

I went back up to Yosemite on Sunday, just to explore a bit on a beautiful fall day. More pictures will come later, but tonight I leave you with the sunset view from the Gateway at the exit from Yosemite Valley. I don't have much commentary, just the kind of speechlessness that comes with an incredible moment.
The cliff is El Capitan. The river is the Merced, short for Rio de Nuestra Se├▒ora de Merced (River of our Lady of Mercy). I haven't found the Miwok name for the river. They called the valley Ahwahnee, meaning "the valley shaped like a big mouth".

Good night! Or good morning, whenever you happen to catch this!


biobabbler said...

I hear you re: being gobsmacked at Yosemite. I call this the Yosemite Moment when you think you're done being stunned by splendor, and then WHAM, you see another stunning thing. Example: http://trunc.it/ixpeh Gotta love that PARK, and I love your photographs!!! =)

Gaelyn said...

WOW! You were certainly in the right place at the most spectacularly right time.

Alaska said...

I looked into this for you:

"According to Sylvia Broadbent in The Southern Sierra Miwok Language (1964) the name for the Merced River is (phonetically) wakaHI-m-to-nt or wakaHI-m-nt"