Sunday, January 11, 2009

Faulty Food Products

I wouldn't give the time of day to anyone who wanted to endorse a product on my blog, but today I will volunteer one! I was grocery shopping at my Raley's grocery store (a local California-Nevada chain), and found the loaf of bread pictured above. I was particularly impressed with the choice of photos, an aerial shot of the San Andreas fault where it crosses the Carrizo Plains in the southern Coast Ranges. The linear valley and offset stream channels are clearly evident.

Kudos to Raleys!


Callan Bentley said...

"Cracked" wheat, eh? ...With a big crack in the Earth on the package. Clever.

Silver Fox said...


Julian said...

Holy crap!
Where did you find that?! Where can I find some too?!

I will have to find fault cheese, so I can put it on this bread, and have it with my Parkfield wine.

Julian said...

D'oh, I totally didn't notice the name of the store chain in your post, what with the excitement of FAULT BREAD.
If I can't find some of this local to me, is there any way I could bribe you to send a loaf my way? The people in my lab need to see it. I already inflicted Earthquake Potato Chips on them, after all!